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Adam Jönsson is the head of sports at local newspaper Bohusläningen, based in Uddevalla, Sweden. He has previously covered sports at local news sites jnytt.se and jkpgnews.se. 

From 2015 to 2016, he was the editor of Smashdig.com, an online-based trade-publication covering Swedish media news in English. Adam was also one of two hosts of Smashdig’s Swedish-language podcast. 

Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree (hons) in Journalism from Humber College in Toronto where he was also awarded the Academic Achievement of Excellence.

Prior to his time in Canada, Adam spent five months studying journalism at CPIT in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Adam was a part of the team covering the controversy surrounding former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Adam has also covered soccer for FotbollDirekt.se and hockey for hockeysverige.se where he was the site’s correspondent in Toronto during the 2014 induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

In the fall of 2014, Adam was the student editor of J-Source’s International Reporting Bureau at Humber College where he was in charge of two reporters.  He has also covered technology for Joddler.se and has produced a wide array of freelance materials for various publications and news outlets.

Press images

These images are free to use in editorial material about Adam and his work. (Photo credit for first two images: Mattias Landström.)

Photo: Mattias Landström
Adam Jönsson
Photo: Mattias Landström